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61st Season



By William Shakespeare

September 27 - October 6, 2019

Join us for one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated tragedies. Othello, a Moorish. acclaimed general, marries his fair-skinned love, Desdemona - much to the dismay of her father. Othello’s most trusted aide, Iago, feels he has been wronged by him and begins a revenge plot against Othello. Iago’s masterful manipulation sends the other characters into a frenzy as they try to decipher who they can trust and if what they’re being told is true. A tragic tale of trust, betrayal, and the pursuit of the truth.

The Wolves

By Sarah DeLappe

November 1-10, 2019


A modern piece that offers audiences a peek into the lives of today’s teenagers, and a chance to laugh and cry in equal measures. The Wolves, written by Sarah DeLappe in 2016, is a high-energy contemporary drama that chronicles the evolution of a girls’ soccer team over the course of a season. The play opens on the sidelines as the girls are firing on all cylinders, talking over one another in a cacophony of nervous energy before the match – discussing everything from world politics and feminine health, to the upcoming battle on the field. The compelling story that follows takes us on a wild journey through the season and ends with a dramatic twist that brings the girls together as a tightly knit family.

Beauty and the Beast

By Laurence Boswell

November 29 - December 8, 2019

Audiences of all ages will be thrilled by this dramatic retelling of the classic tale through movement and music. Here we encounter two worlds - the domestic world of Beauty's family in mid-eighteenth-century France, safe and familiar - and another world, first stumbled upon by her merchant father: a place of great riches and disturbing nightmares, dominated by the fearsome and tragic Beast. Uniting the two is Beauty's humility and sense of duty, which slowly matures into transforming love.

The Cassilis Engagement

By St. John Hankin

January 31 - February 9, 2020

University Players is pleased to present The Cassilis Engagement, St. John Hankin's so-called "Comedy for Mothers". If you love The Importance of Being Earnest, you’ll love this hilarious clash of the classes. Upper-class Jeffery Cassilis and lower-class Ethel Borridge have fallen desperately in love and now the refined Mrs. Cassilis must deal with the loud and obnoxious Mrs. Borridge as their children bring them together to plan the wedding. An evening of boisterous laughter and drama ensues as the Mothers strive to keep their children together – or apart.

Morning Sacrifice

By Dymphna Cusack

February 28-March 8, 2020

Morning Sacrifice is set in the staff room of a girls high school, in Australia on the eve of the second world war. Miss Portia Kingsbury, the dominating assistant to Headmistress Woods, rules with an iron fist over the women of Easthaven Girls' High. After a seeming scandal seeks to disrupt the monotony of the day-to-day routine, Kingsbury leaps to the offensive attack, challenging all those who would step out of line. Caught in her crosshairs is the young Sheila Ray, a new teacher whose ideas about life and love are anything but the norm. Teachers take sides in this thrilling melodrama - leaving poor Sheila to defend herself alone against her one-time mentor and friend.

Stag and Doe

By Mark Crawford

March 27-April 5, 2020

Two brides, two grooms, a tray of unset jello shots, missing wedding cake, and a catering staff that's been sent to jail - what else can go wrong in this hilarious romp through the kitchen of a local community hall. Bonnie and Brad are having a party to raise money for their upcoming wedding - just at the same moment that Mandy and Rob have lost their venue! They decide to compromise and work together to create an unforgettable evening that will have our audiences roaring with laughter!